Surprise B-DAY Party w/ a Photo Booth!

So I don’t have any children. I have two nieces that I spoil rotten and as a gift I bought them for summertime for no other reason but just because it was summer, I bought them both bicycles.  I get to watch them a lot while their parents work so I thought this would be a good idea for them to have bikes so we can play outside in the summer and go for bike rides. One of my nieces is six and the other one is three.  I had to put training wheels on the three-year-old’s bike because obviously she’s not that good of a rider but we have a good time biking around our neighborhoods. The only bummer is that I make them wear helmets and because they have to wear a helmet I have to wear a helmet. I’ve tried to reason with them by telling them that I’m an adult and I know how to ride a bike and there’s no way I’m going to fall off and the reason they have to wear one is because they’re not as good as a bike rider as I am but they don’t fall for that. They think it’s cool that all three of us are wearing helmets. They love when I do the exact same things that they do. And because I love them so much I suffer through wearing a helmet while riding a bike as an adult. When I watch them at their house we ride our bikes to the park that’s in their neighborhood and we play on the swing set and everything. We hang in the park all day. I pack a lunch for everybody and make sure we have lots of water. When I watch them at my house I live about five minutes from the lake so we ride our bikes down there and we swim all day and have the best time ever. However there are days when they don’t want to go to the park and they don’t want to go down to the lake so we just ride around the neighborhood for a while because they do love their bikes and they love to be on them every chance they can. When I do have them over I always make sure we spend as much time outside as possible. If we are not riding our bikes we’re playing hopscotch or jump rope or just playing with chalk in the driveway and on the sidewalks. I always try to keep them outside all day. The exception is when the three-year-old needs to go down for her nap. We get her down and me and my six-year-old niece have a little girl time just to ourselves. Sometimes we color, sometimes we paint, sometimes we just watch a movie or we read a book. I like letting them do what they want to do.  I like letting them make a decision because when they do make a decision they always have a much better time because they know that they pick this and then we got to go and do it.

I am actually planning a surprise birthday party for the six year old.  She is turning seven this November and her parents are actually gonna be out of town for her b-day so I thought it would be fun to invite all of her friends over and have a surprise slumber birthday party.  Something else I want to have at the party is one of those picture booth things you used to see at the mall.  Of course there will be pizza as that is her favorite food.  So I guess I need to get searching for a photo booth. Ann Arbor has several companies that offer them but I need to decide which company offers the best value for the money.

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