First experience with bubble soccer

So this upcoming week we will be heading out to Total Soccer in Wixom, Michigan to partake in a death match of bubble soccer.  I have never played before but I have always wanted to give it a shot.  In case you are not familiar go ahead and watch the video below.  I will be documenting the game so I can share it with you.  I am very competitive by nature and I can’t imagine that I will be any different playing bubble soccer.

Obviously, I like to have fun in everything I do and I care that others have fun as well but it just feels so much better to win.  I think that is true in any area of life.  Not to get all philosophical but that brings me to something that I think is very important in life.  That one simple thing is… “Don’t be afraid of failure!”  For all I know, I might suck at this game and I might lose big time but that does not keep me from giving it my all.  If you don’t then what is the point?   I know that it is cliche but failure is an important learning experience.  I have failed too many times to even count and believe it or not, I am grateful for those failures because they have taught me more than most of the successes that I have had.  Without those failures I truly believe that I could not have anywhere near the success that I have had since I took them and used them instead of letting them break me.

I try to view life as a responsibility.  What I mean is that, as a human being with consciousness it is our responsibility to actually live life.  I know that I am not explaining myself as good as some of the gurus out there but I hope that the sentiment makes at least the smallest amount of sense.  Talk to you soon!

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