Garage Door Debacle

So once again I have had the wonderful pleasure of having my two nieces over to babysit them and once again we had the time of our lives until the garage door debacle happen. Needless to say that afterward I had to get my garage door repaired. But I am getting way ahead of myself here. Let me explain the day first, it started off nice and peaceful. I had the day off so I picked them up early like around seven in the morning so they wouldn’t have to go to daycare since my brother and sister in law both work. I fed them breakfast and we watch a hour of cartoons. I let them stay in their pajamas on the car ride over, so then we changed in to our play clothes and headed out into the beautiful summer day. I have a whole stash of toys in my garage for them and they picked out the bikes first, so we went on a bike ride to the park that is perfectly placed in my neighborhood so no main roads for us.

We hung out in the park for a little bit, just long enough that they got to play to their hearts content on everything that the park has, then we rode our bikes back and got out the sidewalk chalk and jump ropes. They love for me to draw obstacles on the ground that they have to jump around. I draw all kinds of crazy things like a volcano with lava spurting out that they can’t touch with their feet while they are jumping. After we did that we went inside for lunch and to chill for a bit because my younger niece till takes naps so I needed to calm down so she would sleep. While she was napping, my older niece and I watch a movie on Netflix. Then we everyone was awake, we had a little snack and heading back outside. Looking back, we totally should have stayed inside until I took them home. But as we all know hindsight is 20/20.

We just played make believe outside for awhile, make believe is a game where anything goes. I let the girls minds take control and we play whatever they decide. Sometimes we are princesses trying to out run a dragon, on this day we played Frozen, where I always get to be Olaf. When we were done I had them put all the toys away, once that was done we were heading back into the house and I hit the garage door button to close it, I was not even back in the house when I heard the loudest crunching noise ever. I ran back outside to see the corner of our garage all crunched up. One of the girls didn’t put her bike fully back in the garage and since our sensor is broken the garage tried to go all the way down. Needless to say that the bike was destroyed along with the garage door. It didn’t make for a happy homecoming when my husband got home from work.

My niece felt so bad but I didn’t put any blame on her, she had no idea that the sensor was broken and I should have totally check to make sure that everything was clear before I closed the door. Now the both of us will be more diligent when we are cleaning up. This was an expensive learning lesson for me.

Thanks for sticking around everyone, until next time



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