Love my nieces but happy to not have my own kids

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before but just in case I didn’t I will do it again right now… I get to babysit my two nieces who are 3 and 6. Quite often, whenever they come over I always try to keep them outside as much as possible, and I usually let them pick the activity that we do because I feel that they enjoy themselves more when they get to pick what we do. My six-year-old niece face times me quite a bit and yesterday she called first thing in the morning before I even left to work to tell me how excited she was that we should gonna be hanging out with me this weekend. Towards the end of the conversation she mentioned that for one of the things that we do this weekend she wanted to have a race course built so her and her younger sister can race around because she really wants to beat her and show off. Apparently they have been spending a lot of time with my brother (their father) watching sports and I guess there have been some races lately and they are really into it so they want me to build them a race course. So me being the cool aunt I would never say no to them. I told her that I would totally build her a race course. Now mind you, I have no idea how to go about building a race course, and I only have two days to get it done. I think though that I have decided to build another obstacle course as opposed to a race course.  I think they would have much more fun doing an obstacle course like last time as opposed to them just straight running. I guess we will see. I’m gonna divide it into different sections. I’m going to create a section for running a part for riding their bikes and I think I might take the course down to the water so we can have a little swimming portion and I’m thinking maybe a jump rope spot and hopscotch spot. I think they’re gonna have fun doing that, at least I hope so but I’ll let you all know how it goes.obstacle course

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