Swinging From Trees

The weekend is over and my nieces have gone back home and the obstacle course has been a great success. They had so much fun with it that they played with it all day on Saturday, and even one on Sunday before my brother came to pick them up. No bones were broken thank goodness. We did have a couple cuts and one bruise but many, many laughs. The course started out with them jump roping I had them do that for a good minute and then I had drawn out hopscotch board in the street a really long one that took them some ways down the road a little bit, then I had their bike situated at the end of the hopscotch court and then they rode their bikes for little bit and then I had them park their bikes and then they ran to the lake and then I had them swim around for sometime. The final portion was to climb half way up a tree and grab a rope and swing to another tree.


I also had them reverse the course but I had to make sure I dried them off first because I couldn’t let them get back on their bikes so sopping wet so after I dried them off they ran back to their bikes and they cycled until they hit the hopscotch court and then we did the hopscotch course and then we did the jump roping again and whoever completed the jump roping won the award.

My six-year-old niece let the three-year-old win. At least I think she did. She never let her fall behind. I thought that was pretty cool of her. I have to admit that I probably had just as much fun as they did while I was watching them. I’m pretty sure I laughed the whole entire time. They were so entertaining. We did the obstacle course as soon as they got over however I did have to make them stop after a couple hours so we could have lunch and the three year old could take a nap. While she was sleeping me and my six-year-old niece cuddled on the couch watching TV and I’m pretty sure I drifted off for a little bit but as soon as the three-year-old woke up we were back outside on the obstacle course once again.  I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun with them as I did this weekend the obstacle course was a great idea.  I’m pretty sure we’ll have a course again maybe not next time but definitely in the near future before winter time.




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